If You Have A Toenail Infection, Use A Tried And Tested Nail Fungus Home Remedy

fungal nail infectionParticular types of fungi (most commonly candida and tinea) can infect the skin and cause a nail fungus infection. Fungus may grow under nails, toenails, or between toes.

A Fungal infection of the skin is usually found in places where the skin is moist and one skin surface is in contact with another.

Fungal infections under the nails can cause discolouration and swelling, the nails sometimes rise above the surface of the nail bed.

Recurrent fungal infections are a common sign of a depressed immune system. Although a fungal nail infection is usually painless and out of sight (in the case of toenail fungus), it must be treated because it’s unsightly and will gradually get worse over time.

If you have fungus on your nails, you should get it treated right away. For a quick and easy nail fungus treatment that you can do from the comfort of your home…

Try These Proven Home Remedies For Nail fungus Removal 

Tee Tree Oil

Tee tree oil is extracted from the evergreen leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree which is mostly found in Australia. Tee tree oil contains natural antibiotics that cure skin infections so it’s been used for healing skin problems for centuries.

Regular application of tea tree oil is known to quickly:

  • cure nail fungus
  • improve nail health

In addition, tee tree oil is relatively inexpensive and is readily available unlike some other essential oils.

To use tee tree oil as a nail fungus cure…

Simply apply the oil to the affected area in the morning, afternoon, and evening with a cotton wool ball and/or a smaill paint brush. The paint brush will help in applying the oil underneath infected nails.

Depending on the seriousness of the fungal infection, use one of these two methods:

  1. If the nail fungus is very serious, use the oil in a neat form.
  2. If the nail fungus is not very developed, use oil diluted in mineral water.

Continue with this method until the nail fungus is gone.

To Treat Nail Or Fingernail Fungus: Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great treatment for fingernail fungus because it fights the infection and restores the skins proper ph level.

For nail fungus underneath the fingernails or toenails:

Soak your nails in a container filled with a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% warm mineral water for 10 – 20 minutes, two times per day…

…When you’re done, rinse and dry the infected finger and/or toe. Repeat this method until the nail is clear and healthy.

As a word of caution: If you find this treatment irritates your skin, add a little more water to the solution and repeat the process every other day, this will give sensitive skin time to recover.


How to treat your nail fungus with Garlic…

You will need:

  • A bag of cotton wool balls
  • Some Cotton gauze
  • A head of garlic
  • A role of first aid tape
  1. Apply a warm, moist compress to the affected area using a cotton wool ball and some first aid tape. Fungus likes warmth and moisture, so this opens the pores and attracts fungus to the surface. This makes the treatment more powerful.
  2. Mash a single clove of garlic then place it in the centre of a piece of cotton gauze. Be sure to use a suitably sized piece of gauze for wrapping around the infected toe or fingernail.
  3. Cover that piece of gauze with another equally sized piece of gauze. The two pieces of gauze will then sandwich the mashed garlic clove.
  4. Using the first aid tape, seal the open sides of the gauze. Then, affix the gauze to the toe or fingernail. 
  5. Remove this dressing every three to five hours and replace it with a fresh dressing made with a new garlic clove. Don’t use the same garlic clove twice as it will have lost some of its healing power.
  6. In addition to this home treatment, eat one clove of fresh garlic per day to make sure the fungus has nowhere else to hide. This makes the treatment more potent. By using garlic internally and externally, you make it very difficult for the fungus to survive and spread.

Try This Easy Cure For Nail Fungus..

black toenail fungus

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